Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, or sensory patterns around us. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something and it is this quality which helps us being safe. At Jupiter we train our be completely aware of what is happening around so that they can provide complete security to you! They are equipped with every aptitude required for a skilled guard. With us you can feel the pleasure of sound sleep with your family.


Terrorists often choose targets which have a relatively easy public access. Such areas provide high 'shock impact potential' as these areas are generally crowded and detection can be avoided. International airports, bus stands, crowded market places, government buildings and other high-profile landmarks are the target point of these attacks. Therefore, it is important:
  • Be alert and aware of surrounding areas. The very nature of terrorist attacks is that there may be little or no warning.
  • Learn about the emergency exits
  • Use of an effective security force
  • Proper screening of security personnel and essential ethical training should be given to them.
  • Physical security education
  • Contingency plan
  • Reporting any suspicious article or person to the security authorities immediately


The shocking and alarming bomb blasts have become a day to day phenomenon these days. They not only kill a thousand but also send shock waves amongst the masses creating extreme insecurity in residents. As a precautionary measure there is a threat emergency package to be followed during such an emergency:
  • Do not touch a suspicious object or package
  • Avoid using wireless equipments near such suspicious objects
  • Check visitors and belonging thoroughly
  • Do not leave any vehicle unattended
  • Check all visitors and belongings thoroughly
  • Maintain a strict vigilance and a checklist on daily basis.


The use of mobile phones has witnessed a boom in the previous years. But since they have been in the mainstream for only a few years no long term effects have been known. One should know that
  • Mobile phones can ignite fire
  • They release enough energy to provide a spark of ignition when switched on or while making or receiving a call
  • Mobile phones should not be used on gas filling stations
  • Mobile phones should be turned off in the vicinity of potential explosives


  • Study the map of the route thoroughly before starting your journey
  • If using a rental car, make sure it is in a good working condition
  • Keep the doors of the car locked and park on well lighted areas in the parking facility
  • If bumped into another car, do not get out immediately rather than signal the other driver to follow you to a station where you may feel safe


  • Do not leave your luggage unattended
  • Before visiting any places outside ask the hhotel staff about the places that should be avoided
  • Know the emergency exits, staircases, public phones
  • Do not leave your room keys where they can be stolen


  • B e cautious about your bags and valuable belongings
  • Record the contents of the checked luggage and carry valuables with you
  • Be wary of mishaps (like someone bumping in to you), it may be staged for a robbery or leaving some suspicious item in your luggage
  • Prefer to wear concealed money pouches


Everyday thousands of children are reported missing and nowhere to be found. Therefore it is very important to educate your children about such miss-happenings and ways to escape such opportunities. Also children cannot look afer themselves, we ahve to look after them
  • Always keep a recent photograph of your child with you.
  • Do not leave children unattended or let them go away your sight at new places
  • Be familiar with your child's routine
  • Know your child's friend and know their contact addresses and numbers
  • Make your child memorise important phone numbers and addresses
  • Also make sure that your child carries a badge with parents name, important phone numbers and address
  • Do not assume that our child cannot get lost


A)  FIRES: Nothing can cripple an organization faster than a disastrous fire. Lives may be lost, fires can cause damage worth many dollars. It is a common phenomenon in markets where electrical wirings are risky and shops are to close by. Three important ways to manage a sudden fire is AVOID, NOTIFY, and REACT. The primary aim of any business or household should be to take proper precautions to avoid fires but in case of unfortunate fires one should immediately notify the fire authorities and react in a sane way to avoid damage( like evacuation, extinguishing flames). Few important safety tips are:
  • Know the location of the fire extinguishers in the building
  • Install smoke detectors in the compound
  • Use safe electrical equipments. Replace old or frayed wires
  • Plan evacuation plan intelligently and communicate to all who use the building
  • Be careful not to overload the electrical circuits to avoid short circuits(main cause of fires)
  • Check for smoldering buds after smoking.
B)  EARTHQUAKES: unlike other misfortunate events earthquakes cannot be avoided. At such times it is important to train people before hand especially in areas which are earthquake prone. Important measures are:
  • Evacuate immediately and do not waste time picking up precious items
  • Avoid panics and stop rumors
  • If possibility of evacautiona is low, get under a table or kneel down in the corner of the room.
  • Do not use elevators at such times and keep away from windows
  • Inform the safety personnel about the plans made and the routes chosen