At Jupiter, we realises that the quality of our services are of paramount importance to all our stakeholders. Thus, we have developed an uncompromising attitude towards delivering excellence through stringent quality processes.

A committed work force and unrivalled services have been central to our philosophy during our 20-year history. We have been constantly upgrading ourselves to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. Security aspects and Safety norms are constituted at every level and rigorous procedures adhered to ensure quality and reliable service to the client.

We have constantly challenged the existing norms prevailing in the industry, and have improved our standards and forced others to follow suit too. We were among the first few companies to be registered under the PSAR 2005 act.

In fact our company standards are way above the one desired by this regulation.

Our company philosophy of "total client satisfaction" is deeply ingrained in all our employees, who have always been focussed on improving their knowledge, experience & skills so as to stay one step ahead of all our competitors and to ensure quality outcome towards our ultimate goal of a "HAPPY CLIENT"

All our manpower is adequately qualified and thoroughly trained at our training institutes to meet all the demands of the industry they are to work in. Our Instructors at these institutes are seasoned professionals from the Arms forces and have distilled an unprecedented focus on discipline in all their wards.

Our Training Modules are designed to groom all our trainees in

  • The art of Human Interaction
  • Security Norms & Standards
  • Health/Safety/Hygiene
  • Relevant and concise documentation
  • Handling all kinds of electronic systems & equipment
  • Fire fighting
  • Physical Fitness
  • Communication Skills
  • Crisis Handling

We, understand that education is an ongoing process, thus we have continuous upgradation training of our employees even after they are deployed so as to ensure that all of them are always improving with times.

On top of this we have ensured that there is constant supervision & inspection of all our sites at all levels

  • Headquarter Level
  • Regional Level
  • Branch Level
  • Account Officer
  • Unit Commander

All our sites are also supported and monitored by state of the art infrastructure we have developed at all our branches so as to successfully negate any contingency arising.

All our control rooms are operational 24x7, which keep tracks of all our sites and also guide our mobile vans in case any of our working sites require any support.