Jupiter Administrative & Security Services was established in 1991. The Company is professionally managed and the management team includes seasoned and qualified personnel drawn from corporate world and senior retired defense officers.
Jupiter Administrative & Security Services is more than 15 Years in this business and have deployed more than 5000 security personnel's all over North India (Delhi, U.P, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal and Uttarnchal)
Our working philosophy revolves around the concept "Total Client Satisfaction". This is well reflected in our clients' retention percentage rate of 95%. We are engaged in continuous endeavor to update the skill of our staff to match with the ever changing security scenario. Through the two decades of its existence, Jupiter has endeavored to provide the best security solutions to its customers through innovation, commitment to quality, training and strict compliance to international standards. We have over the years produced many innovations which have been established as industry benchmarks today. It is this spirit of innovation that has heralded Jupiter as the undisputed leader in the Indian Security Industry.
We see ourselves as dependable associates guiding you along the way to optimal solutions, executing the plans efficiently and ensuring your business success. We deliver premium services with high quality and absolute integrity.
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